Top High-Calorie Foods and Drinks for Older Adult Weight Gain.


A senior drinking a protein smoothie to gain weight next to a bowl of bananas and fruit in their kitchen.

Aging reduces appetite, which might cause accidental weight loss.

Healthy weight is vital throughout life. Due to physiological changes, elderly adults may find it harder.

Weight loss and low body weight are common in older persons due to calorie and protein shortages. Too little weight can lower strength, vitality, and quality of life.

You’ll need to eat nutrient-dense foods, snacks, and drinks and maybe weight-growth supplements to acquire weight as an older adult.

Learn why older folks may lose too much weight and the best weight-gain drinks and foods.

Get more nutrients into your diet by drinking smoothies.

Why Older Adults May Have Trouble Gaining Weight.

Several factors make it difficult for older persons to gain or lose weight.

As you age, your appetite drops and you eat fewer calories. According to a January 2016 meta-analysis in Nutrients, older persons aged 60-74 may consume 500-700 less calories per day than those aged 20-39.‌

Certain things can alter an older adult’s appetite and weight.

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Dental issues can make chewing or swallowing meals difficult, reducing food intake.



Changes in flavor and scent


Certain drugs

underlying illness

5 Ways to Boost Older Adult Appetite and Weight Gain.

There are steps you can take if you or a loved one is losing weight or losing appetite due to age. This includes:

  1. See a Doctor

A doctor may assist you understand your weight loss. They can detect and address underlying health issues.

If your diet or drugs are reducing appetite, your doctor may help. Visit the dentist if dental issues cause discomfort or chewing issues.

  1. Maintain Mealtime Schedule

According to the National Institute on Aging, a daily meals plan can boost hunger and weight gain. This can be done through meal planning, having a loved one help, or using pre-made meals or community facilities that serve meals.

  1. Do Light Exercise

Light to moderate exercise boosts hunger in elderly persons. Just walking around the neighborhood daily can help.

  1. Make Meals Look Nice

As said, tiny servings may make them look simpler to eat. Doctors might also approve adding spices and condiments to food to make it more appetizing.

Add healthy toppings to your favorite cuisines and serve tempting side dishes like creamy mashed potatoes with broccoli and lean meat.

  1. Ask About Appetite Stimulants or OTC Weight Gain Supplements

If none of the aforementioned work, ask your doctor about a prescription appetite stimulant. They may suggest over-the-counter weight-gain vitamins, meals, or drinks.

A trained dietician can also offer weight-gain goal-specific advice.

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Weight Gain Foods with Calories.

Fried chicken breast, mashed potatoes, and vegetables on wood.

Choose lean proteins, complex carbs, and calorie-dense toppings like butter and cheese.

Older adults who need to gain weight but aren’t getting enough calories can add calories through healthy snacking and meal adjustments.

Protein-rich meats include chicken breast, ground turkey, lean pork chops, salmon, and lean beef.

Full-fat dairy items like yogurt, cheese, milk, and cottage cheese

Include complex carbohydrates such as beans, peas, squash, potatoes, bulgur, farro, lentils, quinoa, brown rice, and whole-grain bread.

Protein powders and nutritious drinks are protein-packed supplements.

Add healthy, calorie-rich additives to your favorite foods to boost your calorie intake:

Top a robust salad with nuts, shredded cheese, avocado, and dried fruit.

Make full-fat versions of your favorite recipes, including butter instead of margarine and cream instead of low-fat milk.

Hearty foods like whole-grain crackers with cheese or peanut butter

Eat tiny amounts of unsalted nuts.

Full-fat yogurt or dairy with fruit toppings

Topping popcorn with shredded cheese

Weight Gaining High-Calorie Drinks

two iced chocolate milk glasses on a dark blue napkin

Chocolate milk isn’t for kids.

Daily consumption of high-calorie drinks can help elderly persons gain weight. The best weight-gain drinks are:

The whole milk

Chocolate milk

High-protein smoothies

100% juice

Drinking 8 ounces of whole or chocolate milk at each meal can add 438 to 633 calories per day.

Depending on the protein and other ingredients, a smoothie with protein powder, whole milk, and yogurt can contribute up to 500 calories per day.

High-Calorie Weight Gain Supplements

Add calories with protein and nutritious shakes.

If nutrient-dense foods and drinks aren’t enough, add over-the-counter high-calorie smoothies or powders to boost weight growth.

Pharmacy and grocery stores sell the most popular weight-gain supplements. They can be taken between meals or with meals if your caloric intake is modest.

Feeding Mr. Play Doh Head Toy Velcro Cutting Fruits and Vegetables Smoothie!

Try these weight-gain shake brands:

Ensure and Ensure Plus contain 220 to 350 calories each can.

Carnation Instant Breakfast: 220 calories per bottle.

Boost: 530 calories per carton.

Older persons with health issues can also take nutritional supplements like:

Glucerna Snack Shake: A supplement for diabetics, offering 140 calories per can while managing blood sugar levels.

Nepro is a high-calorie, low-potassium and phosphorus supplement for kidney failing patients, with around 420 calories per can.

Discuss nutrient supplementation with your doctor or an experienced nutritionist who works with older persons. If the shakes and powders don’t work for you, they may advise other supplements.

The Summary.

Older adults may struggle to gain or lose weight for several reasons. Depression, cognitive deterioration, drugs, and appetite loss are examples.

Thankfully, there are techniques to stimulate hunger and high-calorie foods and drinks to gain weight. Consult your doctor if you’re having difficulties gaining weight or think you have a health issue.

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