Five Fruit and Vegetable Smoothies That Are Kid-Approved.


Fruit and Vegetable Smoothies: What is your family’s opinion on smoothies? I don’t always like them for breakfast, but I do love them as a healthy treat after supper. Smoothies are a fun and easy way to get kids involved in the kitchen while also providing them with a healthy dose of vegetables any time of day. The following are some of my preferred homemade smoothie recipes.

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Carrot Juice from the Tropics

Fruit and Vegetable Smoothies: Did you know that raw carrots may be blended into a healthy drink? Of course! The pineapple, coconut, and mandarin oranges in this drink are a tropical paradise in your glass. Thanks to the protein-rich Greek yogurt, this snack is well-balanced and uses only natural sweeteners. How to Make a Tropical Carrot Smoothie.

Apple pie in a green smoothie

The ideal method for converting your tiny green doubters to spinach! This smoothie is hard to refuse thanks to the delicious combination of apple and cinnamon. Get your child involved by having them help you load the blender, especially with the greens. If she doesn’t think she’d like spinach on its own, at least she’ll know to experiment with different ways of preparing it.


Frozen Banana, Half

1 small apple, peeled, cored, and diced

Cooked baby spinach or kale, 2 large handfuls

2 tablespoons of almond butter or 1/4 cup of organic rolled oats

14 tsp of cinnamon powder

Milk, either dairy or non-dairy, 1/2 cup

An Icy Handful

Mix all the ingredients in a blender until they are completely smooth.

Extra ice or milk can be added if desired.

Smoothie Bowls with Sweet Potatoes and Dragon Fruit

Children frequently request a spoon with their smoothies. Simply reduce the amount of milk or other liquid in any smoothie recipe to convert it into a smoothie bowl. To adjust the consistency, simply add a small amount of liquid at a time. A smoothie can be made thicker and more icy by adding a few cubes of ice. The aromas and ingredients in this dish are unlike any other. This is a delicious smoothie to make with any leftover cooked sweet potato. The dragon fruit is what gives this smoothie its vibrant pink hue. Frozen dragon fruit is widely available at modern supermarkets, but you can also use frozen berries in its place.

1 cup of mashed sweet potatoes

Dragon fruit (2 packets) or mixed berries (1 cup frozen)

A quantity equal to 2 cups of frozen mango

Almond Butter, One-Fourth Cup

Optional 1 date with pits

Add a pinch of vanilla extract if you like.

Water splatter

Put everything in a powerful blender and whir it up until it’s completely smooth.

To adjust the consistency, add more water. Divide among bowls and garnish as desired.

Get more nutrients into your diet by drinking smoothies.

Protein-Rich Chocolate “Milkshake”

We call it a milkshake, but it’s actually a chocolate smoothie with added vegetables because of how smooth and tasty it is. The frozen cauliflower adds thickness and creaminess to the smoothie, but the flavor is completely hidden. To make things more exciting, put some little chocolate chips or sugar crystals on top.

The Rainbow Smoothie You Can Eat

A cup of the rainbow’s worth of hues. Even the “Clouds!” are made from riced, frozen cauliflower. It’s a terrific approach to entice kids to try new vegetables because it’s packed with protein-rich Greek yogurt, fruit, and vegetables. Have the kids help by cutting the fruit with a child-safe knife and adding everything to the blender. This one is incredibly tasty and energizing.


Strawberries, a few (3-4)

1/2 of a banana

1/2 an orange or 1 clementine

Baby spinach and kale leaves, by the handful

1/2 cup of blueberries, frozen

1/4 cup yogurt (or non-dairy substitute)

Riced cauliflower, half a cup, frozen

water or milk, 1/4 to 1/2 cup

Remove strawberry stalks, peel a banana, and peel a clementine before beginning step 1. Fill a blender with fruit.

Blend the remaining ingredients, which should include a quarter cup of milk, until smooth. Blend thoroughly at high speed.

  1. Thin with additional milk, if desired, or thicken with ice and combine again, if desired. Serve.
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